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Welcome To Beauty Experimenting

Elisabeth (or should I say total science nerd) Here! So glad you have wondered upon Beauty Experimenting. Here we will be testing and defining the laws of the beauty industry. My trusty scientists (coming soon) and I will be uncovering and revealing secrets to the underground world of beauty. Every month, I will be testing and experimenting with various beauty phenomena.

You can be sure to find:

  • Beauty challenges accepted
  • Makeup testing in a whole new light
  • Hacks and beauty myths debunked
  • Secrets from beauty companies
  • Beauty blogger experiments

See next slide for more information about the process or continue scrolling for EXPERIMENTS!

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The Experimental Process


I have a Pre-Med degree (totally where the science nerd comes from). I had the hope of becoming a dermatologist until my dream changed. Therefore, I spent a ton of time in the lab and I totally wanted to bring lab experiments to the beauty world. Every experiment I set up is very similar to a lab report (but so much more FUN…of course).

Here is a quick bit about the process so you understand what is going on:

  1. A problem is determined and a question is generated
  2. A hypothesis is created (What I think is the solution or what I believe will happen)
  3. Materials are collected (All the products I need to begin the experiment)
  4. Research is done (To know what I am getting myself into)
  5. Results are recorded (All the good stuff…what you want to know!)
  6. And finally, conclusions are drawn (What really happened)

Now that you know how I begin and complete my Beauty Experiments, let’s get to them!



Latest Experiments

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